In many parts of India, the birth of a girl child is not welcomed. Right from her arrival, she faces discrimination, humiliation, and oppression at every stage of life. When it comes to healthcare, education and growth opportunities, she is neglected because of her gender. Some manage to survive and foster new paths to follow. Most, however, surrender hopelessly to the sad fate assigned to them. In order to make sure that girl children get access to quality education the hostel was started by  the blessings of H H Deshikendra swamiji in 1999.Our strong  & honest intention is that they are treated equally, with love and respect & are given the same opportunities and protection as boys. Girls are  nurtured and protected here so that they participate in decisions that impact her life.

 The hostel has spacious & comfortable rooms with all modern amenities, hygienic kitchens, nutritious food, and portable RO water source is provided for drinking & has 24-hour security system .The hostel inside the college campus & is in close proximity to many hospitals

Students wishing to stay in the hostel need to apply in the prescribed forms.

Accomodation is subject to availability.

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