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The department of Information Science & Technology was established in the year 2002-03, with an intake of 60 students. Information Science and Technology is a young discipline that is evolving rapidly. The discipline ranges from theoretical studies of algorithms to practical problems of implementation in terms of computational hardware and software. Particular interest is placed on making process efficient and endowing them with some form of intelligence. Information science and technology is an interdisciplinary field primarily concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval, movement, dissemination, and protection of information. Practitioners within the field study the application and usage of knowledge in organizations, along with the interaction between people, organizations and any existing information systems, with the aim of creating, replacing, improving, or understanding information systems. 


Empower every student to be creative and productive in the field of Information Science and Technology by imparting quality technical education, technical skills and inculcating human values.


Providing basics of Science and Maths to identify and solve problems related to information science and technology. Imparting quality technical education to develop diploma graduates who are trained in analysis, design, and implementation of computational systems through competitive curriculum. Providing environment to enhance the students knowledge of communication skills and teamwork. To encourage ethical values and leadership abilities in the minds of students so as to work towards the growth of the society.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. Incorporate the basic principles and practices of computing in IT field.

2. Maintain professionalism, effective communication skills, team spirit, learning attitude and adapt to emerging technologies.

3. To promote awareness among students in social concern problems and introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.

4. Be able to work effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments contributing positively to the needs of an individual & society at large.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

 1. An ability to apply basic knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering as it applies to Information Science& Technology to solve engineering problems (Basic Knowledge)

2. Apply the concepts of software engineering to build system software and application software and maintain database management system. (Discipline Knowledge)

3. Plan and develop systems to solve software and data base problems to derive the results through experiment and practice. (Experiment and Practice)

4. Create and use the techniques, algorithms, models and processes, and modern software/hardware tools necessary for IT practice. (Engineering Tools)

5. Produce technical solutions in global and societal context and demonstrate the need for sustainable development. (The Engineer and Society)

6. Understand professional and ethical responsibilities and act accordingly in all situations. (Environment and Sustainability)

7. Inculcate professional and ethical responsibilities and marshal in all situations. (Ethics)

8. Function effectively as an individual and as a team member, and in multidisciplinary environment. (Individual and Team Work)

9. Communicate and present ideas effectively. (Communication)

10. Self-improvement through continuous professional development, and independent and lifelong learning in the context of technological changes. (Lifelong learning)



Brief Specification



Duel core @2.8Ghz ,RAM:512 MB, HDD: 80 GB, Monitor:TFT-17", CD/DVD-YES

30 Nos.


DELL OptiPlex 3050 8GB 2400 MHz, Memory 1TB,19 inches TFD Monitors

06 Nos.



03 Nos



Tejaswini R.G.

Designation: HOD
Educational Qualification: M Tech
Area of Specialization: VLSI and Embedded System

Nandashree H M
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: B E(M.Tech)
Area of Specialization: Software Engineering
Anusha R.S.
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: M-Tech
Area of Specialization: Software Engineering
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: M-Tech
Area of Specialization: Software Engineering
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