The Architecture program was started at JSS Polytechnic for women, Mysore in the academic year 1983-1984 to facilitate the architectural   education at diploma level. We  started  the  diploma  program  in  architecture  with  the  intake  of  20 and later  the  intake  was  enhanced  to  30 meet  the  growing  demand. The  institute  takes  very  special  care  in  selecting  students  for  admission  to  various  academic  programmes  based on  the  merit  with  the  objective  of  providing  better  technical  education. The  programme  focuses  in  training  the  students  for  acquiring  the  skills  on  drafting  and  design  development  of  various  types  of  buildings according  to  user  requirement. During  the  course  of  study , the  students  are  made  to understand  the  design  concepts  adopted  in  ancient  and modern  buildings.


  • To create globally and intellectually competent, professionally skilled, ethically strong, morally upright, socially responsive, culturally tolerant architectural professionals.


  • Impart Knowledge with Academic Excellence by incorporating   competitive curriculum and to make students excellent Designers and   Professionals, so that they chart out their own path of success and possess   perfection in their endeavors.
  • Provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation to maximize individual potential.
  • Inspire faculty members to excel and in turn motivate the students to achieve excellence.
  • Guide the students to be better technocrats and professionals with the      quality to pave the way for creating a better tomorrow for our nation.
  • Ensure, students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.
  • Provide a holistic education in a supportive environment that   promotes self-discipline, motivation and ethical values.


  • Successful career   in industry to meet the needs of Indian and global requirements or to become entrepreneur.
  • Exhibit leadership, make decisions with societal and ethical responsibilities, function and communicate effectively in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Demonstrate the use of various  Novel  materials  from   structural , aesthetic  and Sustainability point of view
  • Recognize the need for sustaining and expanding their technical competence and engage in learning opportunities throughout.


  • Apply the knowledge of Science, Maths and architectural principles to solve broadly defined engineer’s and architectural problems.( Basic Knowledge)
  • Identify, formulate and solve broadly defined architectural and structural problems by applying first principles.(Discipline Knowledge)
  • Design and develop plans through conceptual schemes and develop knowledge regarding analysis and interpreting results. (Experiments and Practice)
  • An ability to identify, formulate and solve the problems using Modern software and other related tools.(Engineering Tools)
  • Demonstrate knowledge assess societal, health, legal and cultural issues and consequent responsibilities relevant to engineering practice.( The engineer and society)
  • To imbibe in students the concept of sustainable design which encompass energy conservation, reducing negative impact on environment by the built forms. (Environment and sustainability)
  • Inculcate professional and ethical responsibilities to address cultural, environmental and social context. (Ethics)
  • Participate effectively individually as well as  a team to evolve solutions in their respective fields.(Individual and Team work)
  • Communicate effectively with written, oral and visual methods and tools in a technical environment. (Communication)
  • Self-learning through continuous professional development and independent lifelong learning in the context of technological innovations.(Lifelong learning)


The total building area is 600 square metres.


Major Equipments 

Sl No Name Quantity
1 LCD Projector 01
2 Computers  35
3 10KV UPS 01
4 Nikon D60 Digital Camera 01
5 Nikon D750 Camera 01
6 Nikon-AC-2S Auto level 03
7 Trimble M3DR 5” Total Station  01
8 Theodolite 06
9 HP Design jet 110+ Plotter 01
10 Epson L220 Printer 01



Designation: HOD
Educational Qualification: M.Tech
Area of Specialization: Structures

Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: B.Arch
Area of Specialization: Architecture & Interiors
Contacts - Architecture