Apparel Design and Fabrication Technology

The Dept. of Apparel Design and Fabrication Technology was established in the year 1984-85 to provide the creative avenue which an individual requires.

The Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology Programme aims at educating individuals to be creative and responsible designers who will be competent to handle diverse areas of need/ situations in today’s, highly competitive and diverse, Apparel Design Industry.

The Apparel Design Programme commences with a foundation programme in design. Area specific inputs begin in the first semester gradually increasing in complexity as the programme advances. Skills and conceptual abilities are also developed through project-based learning wherein students are individually guided and encouraged to pursue and develop their own creative abilities.

The program enables the students for careers in apparel and soft goods design and development. The syllabus includes Apparel Construction, Patternmaking, Textile Designing  and Computer Aided Design. Fashion designers use their creative and technical skills to design products, develop patterns, monitor quality control and assurance and coordinate sourcing activities. Students who are creative and technologically savvy have an advantage in today’s global fashion industry.

On completion of the course, students can choose from diverse employment opportunities in the industry such as – Assistant Designer, Production Assistant, Fabric Specialist, Trend Manager and Assistant Manager of Quality Assurance, Costume Designer for Film/ Theatre, Bridal Designer, Illustrator, Pattern Maker, Stylist, Retail Merchandiser, Visual merchandiser and CAD Designer. Pursue higher Education- BSc FAD, MSc etc.


“Offer professional programs and offering to enable, empower and inspire to fulfill their aspirations to the best of their ability”.


“Enhancing value such as style and research, creative and innovation, technology andcraftsmanship, the skill to merge many spirits into a harmonious balance”.

“Adopt unique blend of fashion designing and management skills and mould them as complete professionals with knowledge, skills and competencies enabling them to be socially responsible entrepreneurs to meet the diverse demands of the fashion industry through research and development.”

Program Outcomes :

1. Designing, pattern making and apparel construction for fashion industry.

2. Analyze and create surface embellishment techniques / paintings/ tie and dye techniques for Boutiques.

3. Survey consumer groups; collect data, sourcing a new fabric, Trims, newline for creating new designs in fashion industries. Raw material availability and their sources to start small scale industries and to select industrial method of production.

4. Identify target consumers, study economic conditions, standard of living, and Design the garments as per their need.

5. Specify and design the styles for advanced garments, analyse and evaluate methodology and create mass & high fashion garments.

6. Select advanced industrial sewing machine, CAD software’s, Modern cutting techniques needed for modern methods of production. Specify and design,

7. Commitment to the improvement of business and maintain high professional ethical standards.

8. Work in team using artistic endeavours and environment to achieve project objectives.

9. Analyse modern management and communicate various apparel construction techniques to complete the project.

10. Recognize the professional and personal responsibility of the apparel engineer to the community. Pursue lifelong learning as a means of enhancing the knowledge and skills.

Program Educational Objectives:

  • Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology students will contribute to the Apparel industry as Designer, Merchandiser, CAD Designers, CAD pattern makers, Textile designers, Knit ware, and Quality controllers.
  • Diploma holders will pursue lifelong learning process as a means of enhancing the knowledge base and skills competence to contribute to the improvement of their profession and community.
  • Diploma holders will be committed to the improvement of Business communities while maintaining high professional ethical standards.
  • Diploma holders are motivated to pursue to higher studies/ start small scale units/ boutiques/ Fashion designing institutions/ Teaching Profession.


a) Building area in Sq mts

600 Sq Mts

 b) Major Equipments




  • Power Operated Sewing machine  

15 No.

  • Power Operated Embroidery Machine

 5 No.

  • The Computer Lab is well equipped with the high end configuration Computer Systems, Garment CAD, Fashion & Textile CAD software’s & inkjet printer. The lab is provided with internet facility.
  • The Textile Lab is equipped with Electronic Yarn Twist Tester, Crock-o-meter, Prespirometer, Micro vision, Water bath, Beesley Balance, etc,.
  • The Apparel Manufacturing Studio is equipped with Power Operated & High Speed sewing Machines.
  • The Dept. is provided with departmental library along with latest Magazines & Journals subscribed for the benefit of both staff & students.

Meera V

Designation: HOD
Educational Qualification: Dip in CDDM, MA
Area of Specialization: Pattern Illustration Apparel CAD Embellishment

Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: M. Sc-ATM, B. Sc FAD, Dip in ADFT
Area of Specialization: Technical textiles
Asha S
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: M.Sc in Apparel and Fashion Design
Area of Specialization: Pattern Making, Fashion Illustration and Textile and Fashion CAD
Contacts - Apparel Design and Fabrication engineering
Meera V
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