Commercial Practice

Diploma in Commercial Practice, a veteran course, has been one of the first two courses offered by our polytechnic since its inception. It is a six semester diploma providing a broad based training in both theoretical and practical aspects related to Accounting, Commerce, Management, Secretarial Services, Short hand, Typewriting, Communication, Economics, Human Resource Management, Indian Constitution & Professional ethics and Computer oriented subjects (MS-office, Tally, Web Designing, and DTP).

Job opportunities

A wide range of opportunities are available in Governmental & Non-Governmental, Corporate sectors educational institutions and all organizations where in official structure is mandatory. The Diploma holders carryout organizational works such as Front office management, Accounting, Secretarial works (Stenographers, Personal assistants, Personal Secretary, Computer operator) Documentation, Resource management (Finance, Human Resource) Marketing, Liaison personnel, supervisory undertakings and every kind of middle level managerial duties.

Higher Education & other prospectus

The diploma holders can pursue their education getting a lateral entry into second year, BBM & BCA Courses. Further, acquisition of a Master’s degree opens up various placement avenues in the field of Education, Business organizations, Industries inclusive of Government offices. In addition, taking up courses in   chartered Accountancy, ICWA, Law they can independently established as Auditors, Accountants,  legal advisors, economists, financial managers, PROs etc.


Establish as a hallmark institute to equip diligent, ethically strong, socially responsible, potentially upright professionals in office administration cognizant with the emerging requirements of Governmental, Non-governmental and Corporate sectors.


  • To impart high quality teaching and practices in an excellent ambience fortified by well thought  
  • of curriculum, competent faculty and infrastructure with state of art  services.
  • To foster students’ learning in respect of organizational modules covering the areas of management, Finance, Communication, Trading, Human Resource, Legal aspects.
  • To promote acquisition of secretarial skills, adaptability to trends, exposure to industrial arena, job market and corporate world. 
  • To enable overall personality development by acquiring hands on expertise, etiquettes, soft skills through vigilance over changing scenario for employability and promote the culture of entrepreneurship


  • To prepare students for successful careers in industry to meet changing demands of their profession and instill a desire to learn continuously (Professionalism)
  • To provide students a strong foundation in Accountancy, Statistics, office 0peration   Skills and sound basic theoretical knowledge along with required practical skills in the core areas of  business and industry ,Shorthand , Typewriting and Computers  ( Discipline and basic core knowledge)
  • To inculcate team work capabilities and communication skills among students through Seminars, projects, and industry interactions.(team work and communication)
  • To create awareness on environmental issues and commitment towards professional ethics and social responsibilities and need for lifelong learning.(Ethics and Environment & society, life long learning)


  • Basic knowledge: An ability to apply Commerce , Statistics, office operation skills for Corporate  and Government sectors  to assist in the solution of the Managerial  activities.
  • Discipline knowledge: An ability to apply office operation skills and execute jobs independently at all levels of  management.
  • Application and practice: An ability to plan and  use of modern office tools and equipment for Secretarial  practices and  managerial activities.
  • Managerial /Secretarial  Tools:  Apply appropriate technologies and tools with an understanding of their merits and limitations.
  • The Profession  and society: Demonstrate knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to office operations and  practice.
  • Environment and sustainability Give support to solve the environmental  problems connected with the Business/ Office management issues
  • Ethics: Practice professional ethics  and social values
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse/multidisciplinary teams.
  • Communication: An ability to Communicate effectively through oral, writing  and presentation.
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need for continuous updating of knowledge,



  • The Department is housed in an architect designed  building covering an area of 600 square meters.
  • The department is well equipped with latest Computers, Multimedia, Audio visual teaching aids, Departmental Library, Documentation equipment like Printer, Fax, Scanners, Xerox, Typewriters, etc.


Designation: HOD
Educational Qualification:
Area of Specialization: Human Resource Management

Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: MA
Area of Specialization: English
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification:
Area of Specialization: Taxation
Designation: Sl. Gr. Lecturer
Educational Qualification:
Area of Specialization: Costing
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification:, PGDBA
Area of Specialization: Management
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: M Com
Area of Specialization: Managment
Designation: Lecturer
Educational Qualification: M Com
Area of Specialization: Management
Contacts - Commercial Practice

S B Subramanyam

Head of the Department

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